ATRI on the Air


9:00am EST, SiriusXM Channel 106

ATRI is a regular, bimonthly feature of the Dave Nemo Show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. The sessions, designed to discuss the approach and findings of different ATRI research initiatives, as well as how they impact truck drivers and motor carrier operations, airs on Open Road Channel 106 every other Thursday at 9 a.m. Eastern.

The Dave Nemo Show has broadcast to the professional drivers of North America continuously for nearly forty years. The show’s mission is to keep drivers and stakeholders informed of current and pending issues that affect the trucking industry, ranging from transportation legislation to health and wellness. Dave Nemo Entertainment is proud to be a trusted source of both entertainment and information to more than one million daily listeners. The Dave Nemo Show can be heard daily throughout the United States and Canada from 7-11AM ET on Sirius/XM 106 and on the Sirius/XM iPhone, Blackberry, and Android smartphone apps. For more information, visit